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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KPMG MeadowLink Study Update

December 14, 2009

I am pleased to inform you that we have received the report from KPMG regarding their re - evaluation of the 2003 study into the feasibility of constructing a $6.5 million, 60 - bed, semi - dependent care seniors facility on property the Association owns overlooking Richards Landing, the St. Joseph Channel and North Shore.

KPMG confirms the project's continued feasibility despite a 50% increase in construction costs. Feasibility is contingent (as before) on the Association successfully soliciting capital funding from upper levels of government through intiatives such as the federal stimulus, federal - provincial infrastructure and social and supportive housing development programs.

The Association has also been in touch with staff at various provincial and federal ministries and agencies who have indicated supplemental funding may also be available for some of the peripheral and start up costs.

At the Association's board meeting Thursday, December 3, a resolution was passed committing the organization to completing all planning items through to the "shovel - ready" stage. This includes development of a full five - year business and marketing plan, negotiating a minor property purchase from abutting landowner, undertaking an environmental screening of the roject, and having a a commercial entrance from Hwy 548 designed to meet MTO requirements.

The board wishes to thank those municipalities who contributed towards the cost of the KPMG work to date. Your assistance in this matter and support for this initiative is very much appreciated.

MMHA will keep its municipal and community partners and members of the public informed as things move forward. Please be sure to check back at for the latest updates.

Connie Witty
Chair - MMHA Board of Directors

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