Notice Board


Friday, March 8, 2013


It is with deep regret that the Board of Directors of Matthews
Memorial Hospital Association accepted the resignation of
Arthena Hecker from the Board and her position as President.

"Arthena will be greatly missed by all the remaining members of
the Board.She steered us through some very trying times in the
past months since assuming the leadership of the Board last March"
said Sheila Campbell.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Hecker, the Board negotiated the
turnover of responsibility for the management of the St. Joseph
Island Medical Clinic to lead physican, Dr. Karen Booth in April of
2012. At the same time, a new mortgage agreement was negotiated
for the Bridgelink Medical Centre which houses the clinic as well as
the pharmacy and the Physiotherapy Clinic.

A Locum house was rented, decorated and furnished for the
accommodation of locum physicians. The financial record keeping
was moved to a computer based accounting system as was the
issuing of charitable receipts for donations received.

And then the two doctors gave notice and two new physicans had
to be recruited to fill the vacancies. This final challenge necessitated
the immediate launch of a campaign to raise the necessary dollars
to fund this major recruitment initiative.

Arthena handled all these challenges with her characteristic
pragmatism. She will be missed.

At to-days special meeting of the Board elections were held which
resulted in Sheila Campbell taking over the post of President.
Further, Ann Bell was elected to take over as Treasurer from
Ms. Campbell.  Sue Barlow remains as Vice and Mark Henderson
remains as Secretary.  The Board will be looking for candidates
from the North Shore to fill the empty seat on the Board.

Sheila Campbell,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Councils In Catchment Area

Municipal Councillors for MMHA Catchment Area:

St. Joseph Township:

Mayor Jody Wildman 705-297-0592

Councillor Lorraine Aelick 705-246-1886
Councillor Joe Cardinal 705-246-0892
Councillor Bruce Ibbitson 705-246-2985
Councillor Joe Wiederkehr 705-246-1229

Village of Hilton Beach:

Mayor Wilfred Stevens 705-246-2488

Councillor Chris Barich 705-257-8465
Councillor Lavera Crach 705-246-2311
Councillor Robert Hope 705-246-0332
Councillor Val Fiegehen 705-246-2293

Township of Hilton:

Reeve Rod Wood 705-246-1810

Councillor Diane Holt 705-246-1795
Councillor Pat Garside 705-246-1701
Councillor Robert Jerard 705-246-0847
Councillor Dave Leask 705-246-1059

Township of Jocelyn:

Reeve Mark Henderson 705-246-2110

Councillor Janet Callahan 705-246-2787
Councillor Brian Lutes 705-246-2798
Councillor Ches Wallace 705-246-2630
Councillor Ken Ward 705-246-2392

Township of Laird:

Mayor Richard Beitz

Councillor Donna Connelly 705-248-1961
Councillor Charles Frenette 705-248-2547
Councillor Wayne Junor 705-248-2649
Councillor Todd Rydall 705-248-2709

Township of Tarbutt:

Mayor Ken Ritchie 705-782-4386

Councillor Chris Burton 705-782-4294
Councillor Arvo Jalak 705-782-0244
Councillor Michael Muscat 705-248-1938
Councillor Ruth Wigmore 705-782-4387

Township of Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional:

Mayor Lynn Watson 705-248-2421

Councillor Shelly Bailey 705-248-2979
Councillor Lee Mason 705-248-3280
Councillor Lynn Orchard 705-248-2453
Councillor Jean Robbins

Township of Johnson:

Reeeve Ted Hicks

Councillor Bob Gjos
Councillor Frank Hicks
Councillor Marney Hopkins  705-782-4236
Councillor Heather Kirby

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lake Huron’s North Shore Algoma Rural Health Model Committee provides update on possible future model of health care

Lake Huron’s North Shore Algoma Rural Health Model Committee is holding two public meetings in Central Algoma to inform the public on work-to-date on the development of a rural health care model for Lake Huron’s North Shore Algoma area.

Date: Thursday, February 17, 2011
Time: 2 to 4 p.m., Hilton Beach Community Hall
7 p.m., Legion Hall, Richards Landing - St. Joseph’s Island

Objective: To bring people up to date on the work to date on the development of a model of health care along Lake Huron’s North Shore Algoma area. Everyone welcome.

These two public meetings are the first ones to be held. More meetings will take place in the catchment are over the coming weeks. While discussions are underway and no one model has yet been confirmed, all committee members recognize the values and strengths of providing health care services within a rural environment and are committed to continuing quality patient care.

To date, committee members have agreed to the following principles: - The model will be sustainable and reflect rural health care needs. - The model will stress quality patient care and efficiently deliver health care services that are focused on the health and well being of people. - The model will focus on health care for all individuals in a new catchment area of a combined organization. - We expect that the resulting model will provide new opportunities in local health care. - The model will demonstrate how working together achieves long term viability.

Lake Huron’s North Shore Algoma Rural Health Model Committee members include Blind River District Health Centre, Central Algoma Rural Health Care Steering Committee, Matthews Memorial Hospital Association, Town of Thessalon and representation from Sault Area Hospital and the North East LHIN.

For more information on the Legion Hall meeting, please contact the Township Office at (705) 246-2625. For more information on the Hilton Beach meeting, please call Lavera Crack at (705) 246-2311.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fast, convenient, most economical way to donate

The Matthews Memorial Hospital Association has partnered with to provide supporters a fast, convenient and economical way to donate. The partnership allows contributors to safely and securely donate online and receive their receipt almost immediately.

Whether in memory of a friend or loved one, in support of one of the Association's fundraising drives or an annual contribution, donations through with its 3% discount rate is the most economical way to support the Association for amounts of $750 or less. Your donation is received through, a receipt issued and the funds deposited directly into the Association's bank account all electronically.

“Paper, printing, copying, postage, banking, and time all cost money”, says board chair, Connie Witty. “ helps to reduce our costs while improving the efficiency of issuing receipts. Please consider this 21st century digital technology the next time you make a donation.”

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KPMG MeadowLink Study Update

December 14, 2009

I am pleased to inform you that we have received the report from KPMG regarding their re - evaluation of the 2003 study into the feasibility of constructing a $6.5 million, 60 - bed, semi - dependent care seniors facility on property the Association owns overlooking Richards Landing, the St. Joseph Channel and North Shore.

KPMG confirms the project's continued feasibility despite a 50% increase in construction costs. Feasibility is contingent (as before) on the Association successfully soliciting capital funding from upper levels of government through intiatives such as the federal stimulus, federal - provincial infrastructure and social and supportive housing development programs.

The Association has also been in touch with staff at various provincial and federal ministries and agencies who have indicated supplemental funding may also be available for some of the peripheral and start up costs.

At the Association's board meeting Thursday, December 3, a resolution was passed committing the organization to completing all planning items through to the "shovel - ready" stage. This includes development of a full five - year business and marketing plan, negotiating a minor property purchase from abutting landowner, undertaking an environmental screening of the roject, and having a a commercial entrance from Hwy 548 designed to meet MTO requirements.

The board wishes to thank those municipalities who contributed towards the cost of the KPMG work to date. Your assistance in this matter and support for this initiative is very much appreciated.

MMHA will keep its municipal and community partners and members of the public informed as things move forward. Please be sure to check back at for the latest updates.

Connie Witty
Chair - MMHA Board of Directors

Membership Eligibility

According to the Association's bylaws, membership eligibility is as follows:

Bylaw 4.02 Eligibility of Membership – All persons 18 years of age and over permanently residing upon St. Joseph Island or in the Townships of Johnson, Laird, MacDonald, Meredith, Aberdeen Additional, Plummer Additional, Tarbutt and Tarbutt Additional and in the Town of Bruce Mines shall be eligible for membership in the Association. A person shall not be considered a permanent resident within the meaning of this paragraph until after at least one (1) year’s continuous primary residence in the areas described. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no person is eligible to be a member of the Association if he/she is an employee of Sault Area Hospitals or its successor or an employee of the Matthews Memorial Hospital Association or any medical practitioner or his/her immediate family.

Bylaw 4.04 Membership Dues – Each member shall pay to the Treasurer of the Association dues in the sum of one dollar ($1.00) on or before the annual meeting each year to be considered a member in good standing of the Association.